Product - Guardian - Overview

Engineered Ag Tough

Using premium materials, the Guardian is made "Ag-Tough" to withstand harsh environments, livestock interaction, and diverse installations.

Precision Manufacturing

The Guardian is engineered for harsh environments and livestock interaction, made of high precision machine-milled plastics for a water-tight seal and buoyancy, providing long-lasting value.

No Wires

No need to worry about an electrician. The Guardian is battery powered and designed to operate for years while the ruggedized solar panel keeps the battery charged.

Easy Install

Scan the QR code to create your RealmFive account, activate and install the Guardian with our award-winning R5 View software, and toss into the tank to start monitoring.


cows in pasture


Created With You In Mind

We spent months listening to ranchers, feed lot managers, and horse caretakers to understand water management on the ranch so we could create a simple solution for water tank checks, saving you time, fuel, and money. 

You have better things to do than make unnecessary water tank checks. Let the Guardian by Behlen Country monitor and notify you throughout the day for any issues with low water levels or freezing and hot water temperatures.

Peace of Mind

Spending time with family, taking care of other chores, or working away from home are all hard to do while managing livestock, and temporary hired help isn’t always dependable. We were built to be dependable. Stay in touch with your livestock even when life takes you away.

Be Proactive

Getting in front of problems is a lot cheaper than fixing them after they occur. Be aware of water issues before they happen with customizable thresholds for water level and water temperature so you can receive alerts via SMS and/or email. Never let water problems catch you off-guard.

Easy to Use

You don’t have all day to install equipment…so we made it easy. No brackets, no bolts, no batteries. Simply scan the QR code, follow the quick-install guide, and drop it in the tank. View all your tanks in one easy to use app. Guardian is engineered to deploy quickly and inform reliably.

Save Time and Labor

You want to be there for your livestock as much as possible and frequent tank-runs to check water cost time and money…but a dry tank will cost even more. We can help. Discover the savings of eliminating just one water check per week while also knowing your livestock have the water they need.

Engineered and Assembled in Nebraska, USA